Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mommy's lil Painter

It's another morning of "Painting mommy? Painting? Please mommy?" I finally can't say "not right now" any longer. Since his baby brother is sleeping in the other room, i actually realize, this is going to be a great way to keep jake happy and quiet, and perhaps his brother can get a good nap in for once. So i take out the paints (and since i really don't want to sit there the ENTIRE time to keep giving him more paint, i give him the paint brushes that have the paint already inside... genius whoever thought of that one!)

Let the mess begin! He actually does quite well with painting. He keeps it on the paper with no problem... until today. See until now, he has never liked the paint to touch his hands. Funny i know, most kids like to get there hands right in there and make a mess. Not jake, no, in this house, even finger paints required a paint brush. So you can imagine my surprise when the paint got on his hands and he DIDN'T freak out! Wow i thought, great, he's getting over it! Then as if he knew what i was thinking, he stopped everything, looked at his hands and said "oh, what happend?"

Before i could say anything at all... he decided he would try to get the paint off by putting it on the counter top!

But, it didn't all come off, so he repeated the process, again and again, until he looked at me and said "look mom, i did it all over!"

I think on a different day, where my stress level was higher i would have probably stopped this "messiness" earlier in the painting process, but today, it didn't bother me. And I'm really glad, because he had a blast, leaving his mark, all over the kitchen counter!!

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  1. Thankfully most kid paint is water soluable. Been there! (Also, learn from my mistakes and don't ever try finger painting on the floor. There is not enough newspaper in the world to contain that mess.)